Sunday, September 12, 2010

Give Me all Your Downtime.

It's been a little quiet here at the moment, part of it is my fault for not trying to post but really I don't want to force myself to make a post just to fill spots, I would rather wait until I have something worth posting.

There was been a few interesting things going on in the Beta, many little tweaks and changes, some nice like the return of the Prot interrupt but mostly its just down to number fixes now. That of cause is a good thing because number fixes mean almost there and with the Gnomer and Zalazane events live and 4.0 on the PTR we really can't be far from my mid-late Nov release prediction for Cataclysm.
With the PTR up I will be on there hopefully as soon as this afternoon and getting used to the new rotation and Holy Power so I can still tank on release day.
As for in game not much special has been going on, after a few weeks of bad raids and attendance issues we will be back to the hardmode progression next week *knock on wood* and that's mostly it.

I really should be getting back to Lore Master if Cataclysm is so close, with only 100 quests left I am almost done, but with my Bloodsail rep stopping me from doing Goblin quests I may have to start scraping the barrel before the end.

I have been spending alot of time on the Auction House currently also, burning out my stock of gems, while keeping a small inflow going as well(you can never have to much gold). I plan to get much more involved in the AH come Cata, as such alot of my current gold reserve and income is going into stocking up on materials that hopefully will be profitable come Cataclysm.

Finally I have started building my PvP set up again. Originally I had an average set of PvP gear with mostly Furious and the smaller Wrathful but I deleted it when I lost the bug back on ICC release. Now I have started again putting my unused Frost Emblems into 3/4 Relentless. I have still to test out my PvP gear since then but the extra 400 Resilience should help alot. I am PvPing as Prot, mostly because I know my way around Prot more than Ret but also because I find it more fun.
Hopefully shortly we will put together a guild 3v3 team and try to get up to 1800+ rating in practice for Cataclysm. Until then many of us are spending alot of time in BG's ether solo or in groups, mostly for honor but we are also practicing for the Rated Battle Grounds.
The best time I have had yet was yesterday in EotS, while most of the group went to take the bases and try for the Horde bases myself and an Elemental Shaman went for the flag. Originally there were a few others with us but when the majority of the horde died they left to defend our bases from assault leaving me and the Shaman alone. For the next 10 minuets the two of us alone held the flag against approximately 7-9 Horde that came in waves for 2-4 people, by the time one wave died there was almost no time to drink before the next hit. One such wave came with a Resto Druid, Holy Pally, Ret Pally and a very geared Rogue, all of which we were able to take down. Over and over I solo'ed down healers while the Shaman Thunder Stormed Horde off the cliff. After 10 min of killing straight Horde without death, they finally grouped into one big wave and stormed the middle. We were out numbered and would soon fall, but not before taking down half of their force. It was alot of fun, I ended up coming second overall with almost 1000k damage done with 3 deaths over 21min.

Finally it has now been almost 8 months since I started blogging and boy has alot happened since then. Now while my writing has improved since day one I still have far to come. I was never good at writing and never really did well in English as a result, sure I could talk your ear off on any topic I'm passionate on but I am terrible when it comes to putting that to paper(text in this case).
What I wish to ask of you reader is for feedback, any suggestions or comments on the blog, thing you like, things you hate, any way you think I could improve I want to hear it all. If you have any comments then please speak up ether as a comment on this post or if you want via email at, thank you in advance you any advice you many have.


Richard said...

I have a suggestion for you. Maybe you could add in a screenshot or two of what you're talking about. That seems to really pull in the readers to the context of the story. Even if it's just a tiny screenshot of the "Loremaster" achievement you're working on, it'll go a long way to show the reader what you're describing.

Orthien said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I will try to take more screenshots in the future, I know I am particularly bad at that when it comes to raiding.

Anolaana said...

Seems to be busy for me! Even with Cata around the corner I somehow spend way too much time on WoW- and raiding too. I'm hopeful that LK will be down and we might get some HMs down too (Marrowgar was a blast last week and we 2 shot him too!). As with you, I've been getting some JC and playing the AH to keep steady reserves (I spent a truckload on reagents last week) for Cata. I'm hoping to get the AT rewards too so that's something I try and do (not that I've succeeded.. I've been ~10 seals off Crusader for about a week now).

It's amazing how busy we can still be at the end of an expansion. I must be mad to be ramping up while everyone else is blogging about beta. xD

Orthien said...

To be honest I should be doing more, I still havent started on finishing Loremaster and I am running out of time.
Most of my time is spent now just doing BG's and AH if im ever on.