Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Other Gra...Nope Rain Check That.

My plan for this weekend was to get cracking on the FFXIV open beta and tell you what I thought. However that has not gone to plan.

After a delay in the Beta relace due to a critical bug Applications were quicly opened up and just as quickly closed down again. There was alot of anger as beta tickets were put on hold and new applications were hot linked right to the Server Error page. SquareEnix were quite obviously having alot of trouble handling the huge loads that the beta was bringing(Not a good sign).
Finally though sign up was back running again and after some more errors I managed to get through and snap up a key before the site went down...again.

With key in hand I followed the emailed instructions and set up my account and off I was to the Beta log in site to download the client. Again faced with an issue, while I had the key each time I logged into the site proveded I was just returned to the loggin screen with no message. After a while of testing and looking for answers I found that New Zealand is considdered part of the EU for SE and dispite my email comming under the EU title the Beta site link given inside was for the NA Beta site.
With the correct site in hand I was once again on my way to getting into the Beta and promptly downloaded, installed and started running the Beta client.

There I hit another snag, the client was patching really, really slow. I mean like 5 local connections with 10 kbs download was a good speed for me.

Now it is 3 days later and I have 50% of the 1st of 8 files in the second batch downloaded.

So far SquareEnix is not filling me with confidance in FFXIV. I still will keep my preorder but I an almost sure now that they will follow the path of Warhammer and the like before them if they do not fix something soon.

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