Saturday, May 29, 2010

Big Changes to End Disapointment

This weekends raiding has been disappointing at say the least, we extended the 25man lockout to try for progression and it went well first attempt was 60% and then attempt 2 was a 20% wipe due to a poor transition. Then we lost a raider to friends showing up and things got worse. It took far to long to get a replacement willing to be saved. Once we found one things just got worse with our best attempt in the next 4 being to 60%. We had to call it when we lost another raider to unknown reasons.
Tonight we went into 10man hoping to get at least one team to Lich King this week. It went about the same having to be call after a long night at Putricide with un-aware trials and someone leaving. The group not stacked for the Lich King is still going in frost halls as we speak which is disappointing but good for them.

Big news for me and my guild, after watching our server slowly die at progression and the few strong on server moving to Horde.
After a week of heavy thinking me and my officers have decided to move the guild to Barthilas. It would be a fresh start free from the name established by the founders of Lifé and away from the poor raiders we have been seeing recently. The guild we aim to make will be a place for mature raiders that can make the times we need, do the work we need and still have fun and do off night events sometimes.
We let the guild know tonight about the change and we had mixed responses, it seems some have surprised us with choosing to come others that we would have liked to follow wont be.
I personally will miss many of those staying behind and hope them well with where they head next. As for me I look forward to a brighter future with a much stronger guild.

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