Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fury of the Sunwell

10mans last night had mixed results the team stacked for the Lich King failed to get past Putriced when someone left and could not be replaced, while the other team made it all the way to Sindragosa.
Once that was over and people started to wind down I saw and add in trade for a Sunwell group and decided to finally go and try to finish my Outland raider achieve.
The group filled quickly and once guildes got word many of us came and made up about half the group. The run was 23 80s and run by two 70s who gave themselves first dibs on loot. While the leaders were very over protective and one was quite an ass we managed to steamroll through the who place, and even get some nice loot for guildies. While most of the loot I wanted failed to drop I did walk off with T6 boots and a new Helm from Sunmote turn ins. It was alot of fun and much better than the lat time I went in which didn't pass the first boss. I was awarded with two achieves for my efforts.

We decided we had had so much fun that the group of us went off to 8 man Black Temple. It was a blast and we cleared through until we hit a wall on RoS. We just could not kill phase 2, we managed though to bring in a friend with Heroism and once we got back made short work of him. The rest of the run went very smooth and by the end I had gained myself the T6 shoulders, T6 Pants and Brutaliser. I am very happy with that run, Ive been to BT many times before and always failed to win those beautiful shoulders.

It was a fun night despite running rather late and hopefully something we can run more often with the new guild.

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