Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Guild History

Following up from my Life of Orthien post a while back and rather fitting now with the approaching move to a new server, I wanted to run over my progression through my guild life.

My first guild Is nothing really to speak of just one of those large guilds that every server has that invite newbies and exist for the only reason of being big. I joined having no clue about guilds and only just being fresh off the starter zone boat(Literally). I left that guild to start one with a leveling friend of mine and shortly after that my BC trail ran out and I stopped playing for a few months.
When I came back I was back to square one with no friends active and no guild, missing conversation I swore that that first guild I saw advertise in general I would join, and some levels later I became a member of (yes all lower case). While the GM of bd had less idea about the game than I did I meet several good friends there including the at the time officer Terminator, someone I am still friends with now and met when I was in Australia. That guild quickly died out when the GM stopped coming online and left us with no way to run the guild, so Term and myself left with a few friends who would follow to found which still runs strong as a social guild even now. I stayed as GM of KoA long into 70 and despite being a bad GM by today's standards we had fun but were not raiding, most didn't want to.
I got a break on day in Quel'Dannas, while doing dailys I spotted a Human Warlock named 'Graccie' low on health and about to be taken out by a couple of Bloodelf Mobs. Without thinking I taunted and killed off the attackers earning the Locks gratitude. We ended up becoming friends and soon found out the her raiding guild who was working through Karazan was looking to recruit a tank and that I was welcome to the spot for so kindly helping her out. I didn't really wish to leave KoA and my friends but I wanted to try this raiding thing and after alot of thinking eventually promoted a new GM for KoA and left my friends to join this group of strangers in .
I stayed with VOID into WotLK and through a name change to until some of the core members left and people started to leave to join friends and mains in other guilds. Instead of following them I went with a friend I had made some time ago when powering through the BC Raids at 80.
I joined Astro in for all of Naxx when again the guild broke up when Astro had to leave for real life reasons, we tryed to make it work and I was even thrown into a raid lead position for it but most people decided to drift their separate ways. I went to join my partner in with some of my ex VOID members and ran with them through OS and Maly but when we hit Ulduar many stayed behind.
At this point we were pugging our runs and while finding pugs for UIlduar was easy finding one that wouldn't fail and could take me and my partner was a little harder. One day when trying to find a pug me and my partner both without realising tryed to sort a position for both me and her in the same mostly guild run. It ended up being a 10man run for 's team two (not how it stands now though) and it went really well. They were so happy with us and us with them that we ran with them every week. Eventually after much begging me and my partner both left to join Life and we have been there ever since. When we first go there we were amazed our last guild couldn't get to Sapph in Naxx and this one was doing Uld 10 and 25 while still clearing Naxx 25 in its entirety each week. Since then the guild has progressed alot the original GM and officers left to chase progression on Frostmorne and were complete pricks about it(see my second ever post). When they left I was once again dropped into the raid lead spot and forced to adapt, while my friend who brought us in for the pug runs became GM of the guild once again(long story on his side and not really going to go into it). The guild stayed that way until late ToC when Draeh the then current GM had to leave the game to focus on real life and school and that's when I was given the reigns. I have run the guild since then having to rebuilt most of it from the ground up after taking heavy losses each time a GM stepped down. Now here I am, a GM and Raid Lead backed by strong people who have become good friends. Next up on guild progression will be our new home the still yet unnamed guild on Barthilas and hopefully we can build it how we want it from scratch and Cataclysm can be a stronger and more stable expansion that Wrath was.

Hopefully we will have sorted out the first steps of this new guild soon and have a name for it to, then I can stop worrying about it until we are there and get back to blogging alittle more.

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