Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Seeking Rest

Last night I got back into the groove of Loremaster and keep working my way through Kalimdor. This achievement has me far more addicted to finishing it than most of the rest of WoW. What was only meant to be a few hours after VoA keep me up until midnight trying to pop off a few more quests, but it was worth it

I am now the proud owner of "the Seeker" title.
With that out of the way I am now only 150 odd quests off my Loremaster and it feels good. I pride myself on knowing more than your average player on lore and this quest is bringing me not only a sense of pride as I come close to finishing it but a better understanding of the more obscure lore. The thirst for lore even has me considering leveling a horde toon to see their side of the world.

On the Thunderfury front I have again gone into Molten Core and again Garr holds out my final drop.

On a final note I want to say hi to Boxoflunch one of my officers and as far as I am aware the only guildie to read my blog. I have not yet really mentions this blog to anyone I know in game and Box happened to find me through my signature on Maintankadin.

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