Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Redemption and Lore

Sunday started off for me with something I have put off for a while, which is finishing my Lore Master achievement. Its been something I have been on and off on for a while and it was time to knock off Eastern Kingdoms once and for all.
I had a lot ahead of me but some how I quickly dropped into the groove and before I knew it I was down Loch Modan, Wetlands, Arathi Highlands, Hillsbrad and Western Plaguelands. I was coming close to the final achieve and had two epic chain left that I knew I had to do. First up was to finish of the final battle of the Darrowshire chain that I had started while leveling. I love the Darrowshire story and Cranius's song to match. I que'd up the song on youtube and started the event, no sooner had the relics gone down but out popped a Blood Elf DK. It was frustrating to finally be doing this event and here was this person I couldn't ask nicely to leave so I could have my moment, I let them stay and decided to just rock it as much as I could with someone else there. It was epic to say the least and the music really helped to set the tale. There was this one seen which came if you know the song just as the battle in the video takes place and the track picks up, as that started wave after wave came down the hill and it was just me and the undead in a perfect Paladin moment. Shortly after I had finished I got a whisper from a level one Shaman. It turned out to be that DK thanking me for showing him the event, it seems he had been long wanting to see the story but never finished it on any of his toons. I spoke to him for a short while and was glad I hadn't tryed to make him leave.
With that down I went north to the not yet Highlord Fordrings hovel to begin his tale of redemption. Early on I realised that this chain would be exactly enough to put me into the achievement so I through out all my other quests and put myself completely into Tirions story. Even knowing whats coming its a powerful thing to collect those remnants of the past for the son you know will die to redeem the father you know will go to bring down the Lich King. Its a sad realisation of the scripted nature of the game as you walk beside Taelan as he goes to find his father, one shotting all who come close with the wrath of my Hand of Reckoning and still have to watch him die to the Scarlet Crusade. The final walk of Taelan ended with not only the redemption of Tirion but with my

Now I am only 250 quests in Kalimdor away from my title.

After my epic night of quests the guild took off into ICC10 with two full teams, one being slightly stacked for progression. We planned to knock out as many hard modes as we could. The run went a lot better than last week with the group really working well as a team, we made short work of Marrowgarr and even Deathwhisper who's phase 2 was alot easier then I was expecting. Gunship proved to live up to the nickname of lootship this week and reward me with not only my Shield but a nice threat weapon to boot. After a few wipes on Deathbringer we decided to skip him in the thought of time and proceeded to knock out Heroic Fester and Rotface in one shot each. Rotface is a lot of fun in Hardmode with me finding that I really had to start using Hand of Freedom while kiting now. There was one moment I was sure I was dead when I had the Debuff on me while in a slime pool with the Ooze behind me and I was hit with the stun bomb, It was really close and popping trinkets got me out with only a few thousand health to spare and AD on CD. We finished the night with Putricide and a quick knockout of Blood wing all on normal. Putricide is getting to be very easy to the point were we are very confident that we can get the achievement for him next week.

Its been a strong week for raiding and hopefully the trend continues as we extend the 25man lockout for the first time in 25. Hopefully Friday will give us at least 2 end wing bosses of progression esspecilly if I'm right about the buff going up to 20% this tuesday.

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