Saturday, May 22, 2010

Miracles come Short

Well Saturday was a first in quite a while with 23 guildies online for a second night of 25mans. We pulled in a few friends and went in happy and 25 strong, heading to plague we went to take down the easy bosses and then all but progression.
Things didn't stay so strong with us 24 manning Festergut when a healer had an emergency and then a messy Rotface. After rotface we lost one DPS to real life and then another quickly DCd and did not return. While waiting to see if anyone else would come online to fill the spots we tryed a 23man of Putricide.
Needless to say it didn't go great as we did not have enough DPS to put on the slimes. It wasn't all bad with the group still pushing a 60% wipe on the first try.
Then with 2 down already another had to go and that was it for the night.
On the bright side we for the first time in a long while had a Saturday 25man however it was plagued with constant afks and people leaving early, still its an improvement.

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