Friday, May 21, 2010

The Easy Progression

This night started off very strong with 23 guildies online and the final spots being filled with trials. It was a strong run and we plowed through the first four in under an hour then it was off to Dreamwalker. I'm not sure why we have put her off for so long, she is the last non end wing boss for us to kill.
We should have tyred her long ago the fight went a lot better to getting our 8/12 than BQL has been. The fight got hairy in some places when I had two Aboms and one went down leaving my AD to proc on an Abom and full set of Worms, but mostly it was a good clean fight. It went so well that we one shot her and snapped another shot for the guild site, I even snagged some very nice off spec legs.
After Dreamwalker we headed to BPC and one shot them and took off into BQL's lair once again. Once again no achievement but the raid did well hitting 30% on the first attempt. Later attempts didn't go quite as well with Bites bugging out and not working despite the vamp being right on top of them.
We called the raid after several afks and finally a DC. Hopefully people can make it back tomorrow and we can try finally for some progression.

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