Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Blogolution

2010 officially ends tonight and just like for real life I have a set of resolutions for the Blog for next year.

1. More frequent and regular posting.
I know that my posting has been all over the place this past year and it does not do the blog any good ether.
Next year I plan to try and post more often and try to keep it reasonably regular.

2. More depth to posts.
More text more photos more detail, I often skimp on things due to time or busy with other things. I need to stop doing that.

3. Post Diversity.
Most of my posts are simple what I have been up to posts, I want to do more talk about strats for raids and I even have planned a Prot Pally PvP guide.

4. Get Active.
I need to get my name out there more, at the moment I simply read blogs and that's it. I plan to get out there commenting on the blogs I read and getting active on forums.
I also have a twitter account here that I never use, I plan to get on it next year tweeting and replying.
I want my name to spread out there and as a result learn more for the blog and hopefully bring more to it.
I also hope to get a Youtube account up and running to post Raiding and PvP videos.

Thank you to everyone who has ever visited my little piece of the internet and particularly to everyone who has commented here or messaged me in game.
Happy New Year to you all and I will see you in 2011.

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