Monday, December 20, 2010

Remember your beginings

Since Cataclysm allowed race changes to the Goblins and Worgens from day one there have been a large number how have taken the opportunity to switch their race.
While it is great to see these new races out and about from launch these people need to remember their beginnings.

I am talking about starter zones.

Having recently played to level 7 on my Goblin and level 14 on m Worgen I can say without a doubt that these are the most amazing starting zones ever.
As such I highly recommend everyone to at least give them a try and play them through to the end.

The problem comes when many of the race changers who are not fans of leveling decided that they already having one of that race and do not go back to try the starting zone. This would be a huge mistake.

Both starting zones are unique in there own way and both are the very definition of what the Cataclysm quest experience is.
Each zone shares in there use of extreme phasing, amazing cut scenes/cinematic's and engaging gameplay but it is there that the similarity's end.

The Goblin starting area is a quirky and generally 'fun' experience. The questing here is set to be some of the most random, explody and enjoyable in the game however they all obviously have that very goblin industry feel which may not appeal to some people who prefer the more fantasy side of the game. Regardless nothing says fun like running over pedestrians in your HotRod while you go to buy some bling.

The Worgen starter is a much more dark and sobering experience. Right from the first quest you are in a fight for your life and your peoples lives. Your experience is broken beautifully into segments of our dark plight and the rebirth of you and your kind from the events. To me this is the most engrossing and beautiful gameplay yet, the cinematic's are just beautiful and the whole zone is on a level far above the rest of the game.
The absolute wonder of this experience has me very likely set to level my Worgen as my new primary alt to see the world with.

These zones are both amazing in their own ways stepping above the levels set before them by the Deathknights and should not be missed.
Anyone who race changed should not miss out on doing these zones because of it.

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