Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Left wanting Magmore

Last night I came online to a guildie who was in a PuG group looking for one more tank to try Magmaw in the new Blackwing Decent.

I should of guessed it was going to be a bad night when a DPS pulled the boss during the trash because I had tanked a fraction to close to Magmaw.
In fact the next 3 wipes on trash due to a squishy Warrior tank and bad DPS really should of hit it home but both me and my guildie wanted to see the fight so we stayed.

The fight is a reasonably simple 2 phase encounter made complicated by some nasty movies in phase one.

During the first phase the boss will summon adds through a ring of fire that ether need to be snared and AoE'd or picked up by an off-tank and very quickly nuked down.
The adds hit for a ton and any hits take give a debuff that spawns more adds and is refreshed each hit, obviously the better answer is to snare/AoE but if you are lacking AoE snares then a quick DPS nuke and snaring the final add should do just fine.
Also during phase one Magmaw will do and AoE that hits half the room that needs to be avoided and will also Eat the main tank at which point phase 2 begins.

The Tank being eaten will need to be healed but thankfully can act as normal while in the mouth so CD's and self heals can be popped while in there. Meanwhile 3 party members preferably the lowest DPS dealers should jump onto the head of Magmaw where they are given a new ability to chain his head onto the spike below, this has to be done fast because if the tank is eaten for to long then he will be instantly killed. If all 3 chains can be put down at once then the tank pops out and Magmaw becomes stunned taking double damage for the duration.

Once the stun is over the phases begin again until death.

While the concept is simple, AoE adds dodge fire nuke boss several PuG's found this to be difficult particularly one Mage who's only job was to stay in melee and AoE snare the add's and still did not understand his roll after an hour.

Eventually the healer from my guild had to bail due to being called into work and we lost a few more members shortly after. Before he logged off my healer linked his meters showing that he did literally double the healing of ether of the other two one of which was the raid leader.

Seeing the group fall apart and listening to the RL claim that we were "close" despite still not regularly making it to the first phase two I decided that I was not going to wait for 2 more PuG healers to be found. To make matters worse trash was re-spawning and the two healers we had left struggled to keep me up through a single trash mob with all my HoPo going into WoG.

I thanked them for the group and bowed out, however now both myself and our Lead Healer have a very good idea of the fight so that when we finally have our guild back from New Years Holiday we can jump in and quickly down the fiery worm.

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