Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shattering Nostalgia

AS you all should know by now 4.0.3a hit servers last night and despite being one of the smoothest patch's to date it destroyed everything.

The first thing I did when I got home yesterday was set up the download of the patch.

The second thing was to sit in the lounge watching the sad news about the Pike River Mine.
For those of you who's local news has not been talking about it 6 days ago there was a large explosion at the Pike River Coal Mine on the west coast of New Zealand where I live. 29 men including several from overseas were in the mine at the time and were presumed ether trapped or dead.
Due to the large presence of methane the rescue teams could not rush in and while they were drilling holes for samples and bringing in robots not much else could be done for fear of rescuers safety or another explosion. Yesterday that second explosion happened at about 2:30pm our time. It is now sadly the official statement that any who may have been alive after the first explosion will now most likely be dead. Of cause we all are hoping for a miracle for someone to have been in the right place to avoid harm, but it seems very unlikely now. May those poor men R.I.P.

After that sad news and the finishing of the patch me and my partner sat down to watch the cinematic together. Nether of us had seen it yet as we had been waiting for it to be released in game, boy are we glad we waited.
The cinematic was beautiful, watching Deathwing get plated together and then soar across the world bringing destruction, simply beautiful.

My first point of call was to log into Orth and admire the new Stormwind. I have seen all the pictures and wow it is simply beautiful. The pictures did not do it justice. Everything is newer brighter and more detailed. The new Banks and Auction House's are stunning and the ground textures add so much.
Once my initial tour was complete I popped over to the Cathedral and checked out the new class quests. I also realised that my new mount did not need to be re learnt so I mounted up on my 'Great Exarch's Elekk' and took a detailed look at the new areas of the city. I particularly love the new Graveyard/Lake and the addition of a Pagoda and seats for any RP Weddings that may take place.

From SW I took a Flight over to Iron Forge to check the new Rep vendors and catch the changes from the air. I love the work done to trees, not only are the bigger and in larger numbers but they look like trees from the air, no longer do I feel like I am flying over a paper landscape.

After IF Hearthed to the Exodar and picked up a cloak to match my Argent Tournament Tabard then I was off to Darnassus to see my first Worgen and buy the beautiful Gilnaes Tabard.

I then spent the next few hours moving zone to zone checking out what had changed and picking up the new flight points.

I did pause from that for a moment in Badlands to punch Deathwing in the face. I love those quests.

I finished my night by rolling my Dwarf Shaman and leveling him to level 10. So much has changed in the starter zone that I think I am defiantly going to have to do all the starting zones.

I am loving this new world, while it is sad to see so many memory's altered forever the new content will more than make up for it. There is new stuff here to keep us occupied for a very long time to come. All I can say now is 'Bring on the Cataclysm'.

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