Saturday, November 27, 2010

Post 100 and Chasing the Wyrm

Today's post finally brings me to my 100th blog post. When I first started blogging I never thought that I would really last this long let alone get to 100 posts. Heck with the decrease in posts lately I thought it would take a lot longer two.

In WoW we have been working towards finishing off our ICC10 Drakes prior to Cataclysm and this week we set our sites on the last normal mode Achieves we had left, Sindragossa's and the Lich King's.

We did not raid Wednesday or Thursday due to other player commitments so it all had to take place on Friday night. We re extended the raid lockout from two weeks ago and after clearing out BloodQueen we moved right into Sindy.

Sindy was proving to be a challenge because there kept being those little things that went wrong at the start of phase 2 that caused someone to take to many Debuff stacks.
We spent a while wiping but it was obvious that RNG and our own bad day were going to hold us back from doing it normally so we stitched to trying for a Zerg.
The first two zergs went badly but the first went off perfectly, we hit phase 2 without problem but then lost a few people mid phase to bad ice blocks. It came right down to the wire, we had lost a few players and I had just hit my 5 stack as we closed the final few percent. It was to late to call a wipe so we push on with everything we had left and watched helplessly as the Debuff timer reached out to the 6 stack mark. Then just at the last moment

literal moments after the Debuff ticked up to 6, but I have no idea how after she was dead.

From Sindy we moved to LK and while the achievement is much easier we ended up having a more difficult time due to real life things coming in the way such as sick and medicated people falling asleep. While we were constantly getting phase 1 fine we kept wiping on phase 2 so called it a night and planned a follow up raid for the unusual time of 4pm Sunday.

Sunday came and back we went for another attempt. The first few try fell apart when the adds died to quick and we lost the Debuff, the second attempt however went perfectly and a few minutes later.

Now all we have left is Heroic Sindy. Its going to be close with on of our officers only having one night for it but I am confident that we can push through the few blocking Bosses quickly and Take out H Sindy in the small time we have.
Hopefully all going well next week will mark the completement of all ICC10 baring H LK for us. Just in time for Cataclysm on Tuesday, boy is that getting close.

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