Monday, November 22, 2010

Kinect or Move

Not a lot has been happening inside of WoW at the moment, not only because the Sundering is only a few days away but also because I have barely been home this last weekend.

On Friday after a work dinner my partner and I were off to a guildies place to try their new Xbox Kinect.

My initial observation was that the Kinect has a very slight delay in its avatar movement, you move your hand and the little cartoon you moves half a second later. I don't think it caused any issues in game but it defiantly seems to be a limitation to not having a controller.
However once we were in game I quickly forgot that gripe and got on to having a lot of fun. We were playing the "Kinect Adventures" title, which as you can guess by the name is very exhausting.
You really need all your free pace for the Kinect and with all the jumping and quick moving you do you can not afford to have anything valuable to close ether.
I will also take pictures of you as you play so later you can laugh at how you look, although many of the action shots are blurry due to the speed at which you are moving.

No controller.
Easy for new players to swap in and out.
Potential for very fast, high energy activity's (See the new "Dance Party", "Zumba" and the Martial Arts Demo from pre release shows).

Sometimes hard to know where on screen you are aiming.
Needs a lot of free space.
No distinguishing between different voices or hands issuing commands.

I loved playing the Kinect, sure the drinking may have helped but this was a fun game that works really well with groups. Still has some way to go before it reaches its potential but until then its still doing well.

The next night we went off to some work friends house for dinner and to play on the PlayStation Move.
First impressions, that those controllers look stupid as hell. Once I had one in my hand though they were not only really easy to use but I was amazed at just how easy they make the movement. Not only is the ball on top really handy for knowing where you are pointing but the camera know just where it is and what angle and rotation its at. This means that when say playing table tennis you can go as crazy as changing the angle and direction of your serve.
Our first game of the night was "Move Sports" which has some really fun activity's like Archery and Sword fighting however they are both so much more fun with two controllers so should you have more than one person playing then to get the most enjoyment you really need a second set.
The second set really became necessary when we switched to play "TV Super Stars" where the constant passing of controls particularly with the need to always redo the wrist strap got old quick.
However the game also brought about a new feature, the inclusion of the camera and microphone. When you set up a new avatar for the game you have your photo taken to be used as its face and then you can record a catch phrase for it to use when on screen.

Simple control and pointer movement.
Player game interactivity i.e. Photos, signatures and voice use.
Diversity of games through use of buttons and control rotation.

Limitation of physical controller for multiplay.
Needs lots of floor space.
Learning curve.

The Move has great potential for producing some amazing games with the inclusion of control rotation as well as voice etc but the multiplayer use is hampered by the requirement of several controllers.

Overall its had to decided which one comes out on top, they both cover two different areas of gaming. The Kinect wins hands down at present for multiplay as well initial physical requirements. The Move wins in variety of games and potential for future variety, also once you get into the harder levels and certain activity's the Move can be very tiring also but its not using you whole body like Kinect.

If your looking to get one, just get the one for what ever console you have. If you have both then it will come down to how many people you want playing at once and whether those people want to spend their game time always moving.

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