Saturday, August 14, 2010

What about Prot?

The lastest Beta build has brought about alot of nice changes for Ret, some nice things for Holy and for Prot, well we just go sideways and maybe a little backwads.

•Divine Shield can now be used with Avenging Wrath.
Very nice quality of life change, no longer will we have to worry about being locked out of our CD's because we popped wings at the wrong time.
•Hammer of Justice no longer interrupts spellcasting for 3 sec.
This is a very dissapointing change, with Rebuke only avalible to Ret HoJ was our only interupt and a very poor one at that, with this interupt gone we are not only the only tanks without a off GCD way to interupt but without an interupt at all(assumeing AS silence still does not effect bosses, although as our main damage proc it would be a bad idea to hold it off to use as one anyway).
•Sacred Duty revamped - Your Judgements have a 25/50% chance of making your next Shield of the Righteous a critical strike. Lasts 15 sec.
Not really a change in any direction with the chnages to improved judgement this really just keeps the damage the same but with different spells.
•Vindication revamped - Your Crusader Strike and Hammer of the Righteous have a 50/100% chance to reduce physical damage done by targets by 5/10% for 10 sec.
Another very nice quality off life change.
•Holy Shield is now a Tier 5 talent, up from Tier 4. Revamped - Using Shield of the Righteous or Inquisition increases your block chance by 15% for 20 sec.
This one is interesting, we now get to choose between more sinlge target burst or more damage overall without dropping HS, very nice for AoE to Boss fights as well as PvP.
•Grand Crusader now also procs from Hammer of the Righteous.
Nice addiation, will be interesting to see how much this effects proc rates.
•Hammer of the Righteous revamped - Hammer the current target for 40% weapon damage, causing a wave of light that hits all targets within 0 yards for 1061 to 1407 Holy damage. Grants a charge of Holy Power.
While the damage loss hurts I am happy to see the return of Blinding Shield as a change to one of our existing spells. The increased proc on GC should make up for the lower base damage but the removal of the three target cap makes this a boost for AoE situations.

•Divine Purpose revamped - The following attacks have a 20% chance to generate Holy Power: Judgement, Exorcism, Templar's Verdict, Divine Storm, Inquisition, Holy Wrath.
More HoPo is good plain and simple.
•Eye for an Eye now has a 20/40% chance to proc from magic attacks. (Old - 5/10% chance from all attacks)
A nerf for Prot paladins, while this seemed to be possibly OP so PvE the new change makes it an almost all PvP talent now excluding dragon fights(maybe we spec into if for the Deathwing fight).
•Improved Judgement is now a Tier 1 talent, down from Tier 2. Now increases the range of your Judgement by 10/20 yards instead of increasing its damage.
A nice talent really for Holy alowing them to keep healing at range if needed, however the real pain comes with....
•Long Arm of the Law *new* (Tier 3) - Your Judgement has a 50/100% chance to increase your movement speed by 30% for 4 sec when used on targets at or further than 15 yards from you.
Another shot in the gut for Prot, first Rebuke now Ret get a gap closer. I would be interested to hear from Ghostcrawler about why they feel that Ret needs these very usefull and desired ability but Prot needs to be locked out of them. Quite a painfull adition.

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