Friday, August 13, 2010

The Future of Armor

Recently SquareEnix released their third video in there "Making of" series talking about the processes behind the up coming title FFXIV.
Their recent video went into a discussion about how their game handles Armor and the unique features that their game will implement. Watching this made me think of how far MMO's have come from the WoW style of equipment.

In WoW different armor that share the same model only vary by preset colors and sometimes additional runes or glow effects, then as newer MMO's came out they added the ability to dye armor to help differentiate players from each other and add variety. With FFXIV they have taken it further adding layers to armor letting multiple sets use the same base structure but be visually quite different.

Not only does this make for some very amazing looking gear and huge variety that WoW lacks in sets at times but it helps each player look different from the next guy without adding to much additional work for the designers.
What this leads me to wonder is with Blizzards ability to take existing Ideas and combine and polish them into something amazing, what can we expect to see from their next MMO what will blow us away in terms of equipment.

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