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Podcast Recomendations.

Sorry about the long delay in posts been busy sorting some real life stuff and writing this post in my spare time.
As a guy who spends his work days at a desk in front of a computer I find myself with a lot of time that I love to fill with podcasts.

My addiction started back nearly a year ago when I found a link to the Twisted Nether Blogcast from The Hunting Lodge and decided to give it a listen.
After becoming a fan of Fim and Nib(who I came in time to hear join the show) I progressed on to the famous The Instance, Rawrcast and Inside Azeroth. With those shows only increasing my appetite for podcasts and streaming them from the websites not cutting it I started downloading them to my PsP with the aid of Feedreader. Then it started to grow out of control, each show recommended another and my list grew and grew until I had so many shows I simply could not listen to them all in a normal 40 hour week. Thankfully but also very sadly several of the shows have ether lost their appeal or for some like the great Inside Azeroth just stopped podcasting.

I would like to recommend podcasts to you all, If you haven't listened yet I will give my opinion on which should be your first to pick up otherwise I will run off the list of the shows I listen to, a little about them and why I like them.

As a disclaimer I have a little thing for podcasts with ether Turpster and/or Scott Johnson so there will be multiple entry's with those two in here.


Aetherite Radio-Final Fantasy XIV-Currently this podcast is not releasing all to often as the game is still in Beta phase however the crew is made up of the veteran podcasters FusionX, Chinchilla and Aniero from two existing FFXI podcasts. The sound quality is decent and this is a good source of information on FFXIV if you are interested in it.

Bind on Equip-WoW-BoE is run by Wych, Wemb and Temp, a group of Australian podcasters and creators of the famous Pants on Head guild. This is an explicit tagged podcast but the hosts are very funny and get along really well, they are probably some of the most "real" sounding podcasters out there. Highly recommended.

Circle of Healing-WoW Healing(Slightly biased to priests)-A brand new podcast focused on healing, its crew features the very well known Matt Low from World of Matticus, Kinaesthesia from the guild Vodka and Dawn Moore from the DiscoPriest blog. As with any new podcast there are some sound issues mostly just volume control, but these are quickly being worked on. If you play a healer particularly one chasing end game content you should listen to this.

Film Sack-Old movies-A great and absolutely hilarious podcast where Scott Johnson, Brian Ibbott, Brian Dunaway and Randy Jorden review older movies, sometimes good ones often bad or even terrible ones. Even if you have never watched the movie in question there are hours of laughs to be had with this show. Highly recommended.

Final Score-Gaming-Scott Johnson and Brian Dunaway take a crack at the latest video game news and new releases, as well as reviewing old arcade games. A great show for video game new, while the old game reviews are great there is nothing particularly special defining this from other game podcasts.

Giant Enemy Crab-Gaming-A mostly weekly video game podcast run by Slanik and Turpster, a very funny pair from UK and Ireland. This show is part of the OMFG radio network which is the new WoWradio, there are some other very good shows on this network should you wish to look them up. GEC is funny look into the current world of gaming with a slight focus on Blizzard games, its your typical game podcast with some bonus extras like a weekly top10 and a segment to help solve game related grievances.

Hypothetical Help-Help and advice-The famed Scott Johnson joins the ever funny Turpser to dish out real life advise to anyone brave enough to call in. Often cheeky they always get down to the point eventually and give some very decent advice, the pair pull from their real life experiences to give answers and advice that is very well thought out and ignoring the jokes is very sensible. This is a great show for a bit of a laugh and maybe the solution to some problem you may have been having. Highly recommended.

Ladies of Leet-Gaming-This is your average gaming podcast with the twist that it is run by three girls. Nicole, Kim and Stephanie are very active gamers that most of the time don't fit your female gamer stereotype. They bring you the news you want to hear from their perspective. This is an excellent show that proves girls can kill people with the best of them.

Liquid WoW-Casual WoW-A very new podcast formed from the ashes of the very excellent Inside Azeroth. This is a podcast looking at World of Warcraft from the view of the casual raider Steve Hamner and a very casual raider Christie who is reasonably new to not just podcasting but WoW itself. Again as with the other new shows it has some technical difficulties that are being worked on.

Outlandish-WoW/Other-This is a very funny show from three very talented guys. Not only have Matt, Justin and Jeremy been podcasting for a long time but they have a great chemistry together as they raid together with a well progressed guild and live near to each other. On top of it all these three also write and record their own WoW parody songs. Once each show has run its usual 3 segments of WoW news and talk they have a segment full of very funny very random banter. This show has and explicit tag.

Polygamerous-Gaming-A light hearted and potty humor filled podcast looking at the current week in gaming and upcoming new releases. A great podcast run by 3 experienced podcasters Mike, Russell and Andy with hep from the respected and talented web comic artist Cadistra. This is a funny show that enjoys poking fun at the various low quality spam games released for the DS. Polygamerous is tagged explicit due to the potty humor and such.

Rawrcast-WoW-This podcast is run by the husband and wife team Stompalina and Hafrot who run a progression minded over 21 raid guild. They love to joke around and often have guests on from ether their guild or other well progressed guilds. This is an explicit tagged show that just likes to have a bit of fun. The hosts are also well known for giving away alot of WoW TCG loot cards and running fund raisers for charity.

The Addicted-WoW/Entertainment-The Addicted is an offspring podcast from BoE, it is run by Cypher and Hypknotoad from the Pants on Head guild and looks at current WoW happening, whats going on in their guild as well as current movies and TV shows. They enjoy a good laugh and often run with mocking jokes back to BoE, the podcast differs from other WoW podcasts because of its "Other Entertainment" section where you can be sure that any TV show or movie they talk about will be a good one to see.

The Incredible Podcast of Amazing Awesomeness-WoW-This is the show that Mike Schramm and Turpster made after leaving the WoW Insider show. These two have many years of podcast history together and as such get along very well and it shows through the tone of the show. They often run interviews with various bloggers and podcasters and have a very heavy addiction to figuring out what things are "manly" despite nether of them being particularly "manly". A popular segment on the show is the Schramm Snack Shack where listeners recommend foods that can be made quickly and simply, many of which are strange and possibly could give you a heart attack.

The Instance-WoW-This is the big one, the largest World of Warcraft podcast by far. Scott and Randy host this long running show that has been going for almost as long as WoW has. The podcast has spawned the worlds largest guild A.I.E. which homes over 6500 members and is still growing. These guys work fantastically together, the quality is amazing and their content is always funny and informative. Recommended as your first stop.

The Megadan Chronicles-Story-Not so much a podcast but I will include it anyway. This is the story of a Warlock created by a member of the Pants on Head guild. While originally a funny segment on BoE, when he was forced to change his name Megadan moved his penis jokes to the side and started developing an interesting story that is delivered in weekly 5-10min segments. This is a great little peice to listen to as a bridge between podcasts and Audiobooks/Podcasted Stories.

The Movielisious-Movies-This is a bi-weekly podcast that reviews the latest movies currently playing. Patrick, Nicole and Turpster do an amazing job ranking current films and you can guarantee that anything given their highest ranking is well worth the watch. These three have a great light hearted show that also provides good rental recommendations as well as a new movie clip quiz.

Twisted Nether Blogcast-WoW/Blogging-Fimlys and Nibuca host this excellent look at WoW and its news from the perspective of the blogging community. No doubt if your reading this you have probably heard of them, If not I highly recommend their show to anyone interested in blogging or currently blogging. They try to have a new guest from the blogging community every week. On top of their interviews and WoW news they also focus on work tied to the Blog Azeroth forums discussing a weekly shared topic, new blogger who have said hello on the forums and interesting and not worthy posts(my post on the FFXIV collectors edition recently made it here for a brief discussion).

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