Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Activision Posioning the Well?

You may or may not know that Bobby Kotick is the CEO for Activision Blizzard the company formed when our beloved Blizzard merged with Activision. The deal was for the two company's to merge with Blizzard maintaining all control over its games and their development.
Since that time old Bobby has been behind the scenes making little tweeks to things, changes that work in their favor to game more money from you and me.
A list of all the "lovely" things Kotick has done for us can be found in this convenient list .
One of the key pieces to note is this section March 30, 2010: In a "Activision Blizzard restructuring move", the above often quoted CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Thomas Tippl is, according to Massively and the L.A. Times put in charge as COO (Chief Operations Officer) of the "Blizzard business unit", with Mike Morhaime directly reporting to him, according to Joystiq Tippl basically gets paid more, the more revenue the company makes, which directly goes against the in house control that Blizzard was meant to keep.
This brings me no my point and the rumor that Polygamerous reported from its secret source, and I quote from their show notes Blizzard and Activision CEOs are butting heads over when World of Warcraft Cataclysm should be released. Blizzard wants it be be released as soon as it’s ready while Activision wants to delay the release until spring of 2011 to compete with SWTOR. It seems that to further their goal of making money screw what the customers want, Activision want to hold back on Cataclysm for many more months. With current content running dry as it is and many players already on breaks an increased delay would see many players leaving WoW and moving to other MMO's all in the name of trying to kill the next game in a long line of competitors. Should Activison win out on this I myself would most likely be moving to FFXIV, while I really want to play Cataclysm I can not justify keeping a subscription running that long with what content we have.

As time travels on it seems that the power and profits that all Blizzard IP's bring to Activision continues to go to Kotick and other's heads, to them we are a way of making profit and not a thriving community of dedicated players. How much longer will Blizzard tolerate this effect that they have on our game? If the crescendo continues, what will Activisions next plan be to gain more revenue and how will it effect us?

Do you think this merger is doing more harm than good to Blizzard and the games we know and love?

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