Sunday, August 22, 2010

One Light with a Side of Knuckle

This week we took a break from ICC, like most were just getting tired of the same raid every week so we set this weekend as a week dedicated to Ulduar 10 and our Rusted Proto-Drakes.
The week started with our standard RS run and the addition of a new trial Healer to the guild, another paladin that makes the total number of Paladins in guild 1/3. The from there we went into Ulduar and started working our way down the hardmodes including FL+4 and Assembly of Iron for the Key to Algalon. On the way down I kept removing my weapon once I had a threat sorted, I have been working on my 400 unarmed skill for months now with no luck but finally on the last trash to AoI.

From there we kept moving down the hardmode list knocking out Kolo, Cat Lady, Hodir and Thorium before calling it for the night. I have to say even now in our current gear when you 7man Hodir with one ranged it gets close, we had mear seconds left on the clock when we pushed him over that threshold and got the hardmode.

The next day we decided to push for Yogg and knocked out normal Freya and Mim then it was off to Trade to hope like the crazy people we were that we could pick up 2 DPS with the gear and skill to kill him without weighing us down. Obviously it was a long wait particularly since Uld was the raid weekly but near an hour later and many many disappointing whispers we had our team for General HM and One light. What is it about people that makes them think that "LF1M Melee must have done at least normal Yogg" means we need ranged, healers or anyone who has never been to Ulduar before? Its just crazy how many whispers I got from people that in no way fitted what I asked for, many couldn't even understand why I wouldn't invite them.

We quickly two shot general with the first being a wipe due to my own stupidity, I failed to pick up the Animus when I accidentally clicked General before throwing my shield. Of cause I had no threat when people began nucking and being taunt immune I never got it back and everyone died.
Once we had General down we moved to Yogg, we have had bad luck in the past with ether two few players or pugs that just can not do what they need to.
It was a long night of wiping as many got used to what they needed to do and the Pugs got used to us and the fight. As the night's close came closer we were now hitting phase 3 with most people alive usually but with no Druid any dead stayed that way. The attempts we had on phase 3 went rather well until I got over run with adds and died, you see we had chosen our keeper down as Freya which while learning came in very handy but now that we were in phase 3 we desperately needed Thorium.
Eventually we called it a night and left it wondering whether two tanks were needed, while people drifted offline I stat looking for strats for One Light and Alone in the Darkness to see where we went wrong. Then it hit me, I had completely forgotten that the more health the adds have the more damage they deal up to and over 1500% extra each. Least we knew now for the next night.

Finally Sunday came and when raid time hit...we had 4 people online. We knew one member would be late but it was not looking good, however soon we had more on and despite those that came online but would not come to Ulduar we had a group up 2 hours later with the two pugs from last night a new Ret Pally and Druid who both had the Achieve on their mains.
We ran in with desire brewing in our veins we knew we would have this achievement, first shot was straight to phase 3 and despite a ranged dropping early we nuked him down to 10% before wiping first try. Next shot went all to hell with many cloud spawns in phase 1, and people being feared into death lazers but we did again hit phase 3.
With people confident in our next attempt we rebuffed, a slight change of strat to move me and the adds to the back would keep the healing off Yogg and without the melee cleaves to help all range would keep the adds down low while the four melee burned the Death God.
It started a little messy we lost the Pug Ret Pally early to Sara's Fervor and a volley, but with a B Rez he was up again and we pushed a clean phase 2. We hit phase 3 with everyone up and quickly hit our positions. One by one the adds started to build and as each new one came it became harder to keep them at low health, Yogg was pushing low health and our Trial Pally and Pug Priest were healing with all they had as Fire Elementals ripped around and I dropped every CD I had.
People started to get confidant they could see the death coming but we had to hold on and kept it for a few more seconds when

We had done it Yogg was finally down and after all this time we had our Rusted Proto-Drakes.
We may have run with 5 Pugs but they worked hard, fixed their mistakes and came back for the second day to get the mounts.

Congratulations to all those guildies who got their Drakes finally and a very very big Thank you to those pugs who worked so hard to help us.

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