Monday, July 5, 2010

Long Catch Up

Its been awhile since I last posted what I've been up to, part of it has been procrastination and the rest is trying to do to much.

Alot of my time has been tidying up after the move, there are alot of little things I didn't even think of that needed work since we came to Barthilas.
I'm still finding addons that have had some setting reverted to default that has to be fixed but finally most of the guild stuff is sorted. We have our guild set up on Barth now and the site is completely redone awaiting a banner that an Officer is making. We now have a new guild Ventrilo set up and are finally back into raiding. All we really have left to do now is start recruiting and building our numbers back up.

So while all the Cataclysm info has been coming out Midsummer Fire Festival has been running and while most run around getting Exp for alts of grinding for the Violet Proto Drake, Ive been doing something alittle different. I got my drake last yea so for this yea I've been doing this.

Look closely at that shot and check the level, this is indeed my bank alt(name removed for security) getting the achievement for collecting the Horde city flames.
In fact I have done this on not just one but two bank alts on on each server who have now 3/3 and 2/3 pieces of the Festival garb to go with it. I really is a painstaking and long process to ghost run city to city, graveyard to graveyard to get the flames. The worst part is not having a mount, I did the quests again later on my then 55 level priest and I finished the whole even in the time It took one bank alt to do the four Horde City's.

This weekend we had our first raid week as a new guild and we started as most have this week with Ruby Sanctum. We were not prepared. I had planned 30min to and hour for RS before going into ICC and boy was I wrong, that phase 2 really put a spanner in the works. Its fair to say we were alittle rusty, its been a month odd since we have done anything hard raid wise and far longer since we did anything without the ICC buff. Originally I was tanking Halion side on to the orbs so DPS could keep and eye on them but that proved problematic with the amount of room they had to move. After a few wipes I moved him to more of an angle and with some better communication on the debuffs we had phase 2 down and Halion not long after.

Sadly we missed the screenshot with his corpse when an over eager DPS skinned it before we remembered, oh well next time.
We left the raid there for the night after many wipes and decided ICC could wait for the next night.

Saturday came and we had a plan, hit the Achievements we didn't have try the hardmodes we didn't have otherwise blitz it.
We did just that knocking out normal Marrowgarr then an easy Heroic LDW and Lootship before stopping at DBS. This week we had 3 ranged DPS and strong ones at that so we decided today we were going to get that achievement. After a quick initial wipe when a ranged fell to the first Beasts we were back with alittle more CC on the Beasts and tryed again. It was going well but starting to get crazy, the enrage was coming and the damage was starting to stack high for two healers when the third mark went out. We were moments from taking our first death and DB gaining some health back when he went down for a two shot and our Heroic clear of the first wing.

From there we moved to Plague wing and picked up a quick easy Festergut achieve

and a Heroic Rotface for those who were missing it.

At that point we were running low on time and our third healer was still missing after having friends show that morning, so after two failed attempts at Putricide hard and two truly bad range tanking attempts on BPC by yours truly we called it a night.

The next day we were no better off for group composition with the third healer changing to tentative and not showing up. We had the idea to head to Ulduar to get Yogg one light but for the fact that we were all saved separately due to Razorscale being the weekly.
I will say this the team was determined this week to get some progression and being down a healer was not going to stop them. Our first point of call was Hardmode BPC, for it our DK Officer dropped a few hundred gold to respec, glyph and gem for frost tanking and with him on Kaelseth and myself tanking the other two we successfully two healed them for our Heroic Bloodwing achieve.

From there he respeced back and my OT went tank again and we one shot BQL hardmode getting a few people their Achieve and Wing clear.

Finally my OT went and respeced to Holy giving us a third healer and two Holy Pallys for a Valithria hardmode attempt.
We took a couple wipes on her once with myself overrun with Aboms, once with to many Blistering Zombies and a dead hunter and OOM Boomy and once with a healer getting potshot in the air by a Archlich as he fell from the portal.
After those few attempts though we had her down and soon she was up, all be it on a near wipe with two healer and one DPS alive.

I am very proud of how far we came that night with only two healers and now I am only short Sindragosa and Lich Kings achieves and Plague, Frost and Lich King end wing boss Hards from my drake.

After that great run of ICC one of our Officers informed us that our progression on Dath didn't follow us over and we would need to clear old content again. So with alittle time left on the clock we took the raid to OS+3 and Maly 8man netting those that were missing them those achievements and a drake to one lucky member.

This week we will begin recruiting and building our numbers and hopefully knock out a few more ICC achievements.

As for Cataclysm there is alot of nice info coming out but I'm still waiting for the Paladin preveiw, hopefully they wont have us waiting to long.

Also a quick update on Thunderfury, again no Binding this week from Garr. Looking at my old screenshots I got Barons Binding in November last year and have been farming for at least a year now straight not including a few runs before that. At the 3% drop rate that the Bindings have and the many attempts I have made on getting it statistically there is about an 85% chance that It should have dropped for me already, guess im just unlucky.

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