Thursday, July 1, 2010

First Look at Beta

There is plenty of information coming out of the first release of the beta and my first thoughts are just how beautiful everything looks now.
The level of detail on the new zone maps is gorgeous and the finished Skywall is just wow. I hope I have finished my Thunderfury before I hit 85 so I can tank Skywall with the spirit of their prince.
The new water is still looking great but it seems to not be the only precipitation to get a work over with a screenshot from Deepholm showing off what looks like a newly updated mist or fog graphic.

Not only has everything gotten better looking but larger to. The raids and new BGs have a very epic size feel to them with huge open areas or giant rooms with very tall ceilings.

The more than is released on the Worgen the more I am wishing they had Paladins for me to race change to one. Their /silly and /flirts are the funniest, naughtiest and well written yet with gold like "At least I don't sparkle" and "What big ears I have? You should see the rest of me!". On top of that they speak in a British accent and have a slight voice change when in Worgen form, the male even sounds like the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

Of cause the most important is the Paladin info, there's not alot but what we have is looking good.
For new general paladin news we have a new heal named Divine Light which seems to be our Greater Heal. Divine Plea doesn't seem to effect any of the new heals but that's most likely an out of date tooltip. Finally Consecrate now does less damage but lasts 15 seconds with the 8 sec CD remaining, however still only one can be up at a time. This change seems really bad for later game heroics when you can chain pulling as you wont be making full use of consecrate and therefor wasting mana.
For the Prot changes, so far there are only two. First is that Blessing of Sanctuary is now a permanent Aura and the second is that our crit reduction will be folded into the Holy Shield talent but not tied to the spell.

Its looking promising so far and should get a whole lot better in the coming weeks.
Hopefully a few of the Paladin bloggers start getting Beta invites so we can start seeing this stuff ourselves, hopefully I am one of them.

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