Saturday, June 26, 2010

Setup is Slow

Were still having issues getting the last of our members across server. Turns out there is a bug with gold spam mail, sometimes the mail will be ignored but not deleted leaving its ghost in the system preventing transfer.

However apart from that we are all set up and providing GM's don't take another week before fixing the mail issue we will be all go into ICC hardmodes with the 25% buff.

In the mean time at least there is a small bit of good news for those like me still farming endlessly for Thunderfury this just came through a blue post
"We aren't removing MC or BWL as of this writing. We aren't going out of our way to remove old legendaries. The only risk there in a case like Thunderfury is if we change a zone like Silithus so much that the quests become hard to keep intact."
So I can farm another year in vain for Garrs binding.

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