Wednesday, June 30, 2010

FFXIV Has It Right and Predicts Cataclysm

Final Fantasy 14 for those unaware is the upcoming MMORPG from SquareEnix. Their plan is to take what they now know people hated from their first MMO and what they know people love in WoW to make a bigger better MMO for their fans and for the market.

The reason this is important to note to any WoW player is for two reasons. Here is a link to Eorzeapedias article on the release

1. They have just announced their collectors edition pack and what goodies it will contain. They have obviously been watching WoW and reading people thoughts on authenticators as SquareEnix are including one in their collectors edition.
This is important for us to note because it sets a very strong example for security and is something Blizzard fans have been calling for for a while. This move could possible force Blizzard to follow suit in order to keep face in the realm of security.

2. SquareEnix had also announced a September 30th release date for FFXIV.
Keeping in mind Blizzards love for squashing other games under its new release heel. I would not be sup prised to hear Blizzard are going to try to push Cataclysm out within a month or so of Final Fantasy, as they have done with both Warhammer and Aion. If Cataclysm is to come out in October then to match the it would also indicate that the Beta is very, very close if they want to keep their usually 4 monthish Beta period.

Of cause this is still all speculation, but following Blizzards track record it looks very likely.
I guess all we can do now is wait and see if my prediction for a mid July Beta still stands.

Edit The Blues have just confirmed the Cataclysm Beta has begun so my push back to mid July was under-optimistic. However the good news is this does bode well for that October release still as per prediction.

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