Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A New Name

So were still on Dath'Remar for the moment while the recent account compromise's are sorted out, however in the mean time it seems we have finally settled on a name. I won't post it here yet until we have it signed up but with all luck come next week we will be on a new server with a new name and can finally get back to raiding and making some interesting post material.

While we wait to transfer me and my partner have been leveling a Paladin and Priest together, She has taken a Paladin tank and I have chosen to Heal as a Priest. I did originally plan to level as shadow however in the effort to bring down wait times for LFG I went Heals. Originally I was Disc but I have found PW:S really powerful and boring so I have respeced Holy and am now waiting to run again to see if a deep Holy build will last or whether I have to drop cool things like CoH for a while to pick up some mana regain.

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