Monday, June 14, 2010

High Volume of Petitions

After the events of Sundays raid I have come to realise how lacking the current system for talking to a GM is.
Let me setup for you first. We have just returned to ICC10 and have just pulled Sindragosa, in the second ground phase one of our guildies informs us he has dcd and promptly dies on Blistering Cold. A short moment later he logs back in and follows it with a "guys theres an authenticator on my account", and we realise were seeing him be hacked mid run.
Now of cause as any guildie would in that situation we proceeded to give the hacker all kinds of shit and even followed him to SW using our mammoths to "hack block" him whenever he tryed to use a mail box. The worse part of this all was the fact that the moment we knew his account had been compromised I had a ticket into Blizzard. We followed the hacker for near an hour blocking his moves, he even turned to rapid toon jumping to try to confuse us long enough to get himself an opening and in the end realised we wouldn't camp the AH or Bank mailbox's giving him free reign to finish. Sadly in the whole hour that we did this for my ticket to Blizzard stayed at the "High Volume of petitions" stage and progressed no further.
When I logged on the next day however there was a reply saying that they were taking "immediate action" to prevent any damage but by that stage his characters had been stripped and the 3 choppers he had made to transfer his gold were long sold.

I completely understand that there would be a literal wall of tickets that GM's wade through in any given day, but I would of expected some kind of system in place were a ticket of that kind of importance would somehow get through faster. It wouldn't be hard to verify the claims as seeing him toon jump and vendor his 264 gear should be clue something is up.
I'm not sure what the solution here is but there needs to be something in place even if the players aren't aware of what so they can't abuse it.

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