Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cataclysm Seems to Much

After the raid events of last night I had a post all planned for today but I'm going to postpone that to deal with what information has come up from the recent Cataclysm Press Tour.
There was alot of information given out to those invited on the recent press tour the biggest of which being the removal of Path of the Titan and the changing of the Guild Leveling System.

"The whole Path of the Titans idea has been removed from the game. It will no longer rely on Archeology or on any kind of PvE/PvP progression and instead Blizzard will just introduce a new type of glyphs: Medium Glyphs."

To me what they basically have said here is that Path of the Titans was alot bigger than they expected to create and balance and rather than just deal with it over and over as they did with Death Knights they would rather not delay Cataclysm for it and cut the whole idea down. Now while I'm all for idea to get us Cata sooner I can't help but feel sad that the great selling points for the expansion are being pushed to the side. I understand that what they have planned is no small feat and we will be getting a completely reworked world but I don't think this is the end of the chopping list to be cut before release.
To go also on the list already is guild talents and currency being swapped for a preset list of unlocks as you level and items brought with gold We have also seen some all be it incomplete talent trees that regardless are far from everyones expectations. I doubt these will be the last, it seem that the rework and expansion of the world of Azeroth has taken a far heavier toll than expected and many very cool heads will roll to keep the release close to schedule.

Could we see some of the chopped features coming back in a later expansion or even content patch? maybe, but much like how the settle for the current glyph system the best I think we will see is a re-tune with expansion 4.

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