Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Little Brother?

I've got to be honist, at the moment it feels like im Rhidach's little brother. Everything he does latly I seem to be doing just shortly after, even

Its been 3 years working on it but I've finally knocked out one of my last Holiday Achieves that isn't RNG based.
Heres hoping that if I am to follow in Rhidachs shadow(really its not a bad shadow to be in) he picks up his finally Binding for Thunderfury soon. Seems he had been working on his just a little longer than I have and like me has yet to see Garrs last peice.


Rhidach said...

Good luck with your binding, man. I've been farming mine forever and I'm slowly going nuts. I hope you get yours before the same madness sets in.

Orthien said...

Its starting to set in even now im just glad that its Garr im farming and not Baron or I would probibly already be admitted.