Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ironman 2

I went to see Ironman on Sunday before raids and honestly I wasn't expecting much from a comic book movie sequel. I was pleasantly surprised, It was a great movie maybe even better than the original.
Script wise it was good no bad puns or "eye roll" moments and definite props go out for the drunk Ironman scene particularly the bit about peeing(makes more sense having seen it trust me).

The soundtrack was great especially if your an ACDC fan, I only remember one Jazz track and maybe another scored piece from the whole film that wasn't ACDC.

Graphically the movie was fantastic, plenty of explosions, lasers and robots none of which ever looked like bad CG.

There were a few flaws particularly in the way they cut some of the build and research scenes where they make these "no-one has ever done before" "impossible" things look like something any monkey with blueprints and an afternoon can accomplish. That however I can ignore seeing as the time of planning and failed attempts really isn't that interesting in a movie.
The biggest flaw with the film however was in my opinion the short screen time they gave to the final fight with Ivan. They had a beautiful lead up with plenty of action, then Ivan shows up there are a total of maybe 5 attacks thrown between 3 fighters and its over. We could of done with less scenes of Ironman flying and that final fight fleshed out a little more.

Overall I think its a definite see and rates rather highly particularly among other comic book films leave me defiantly wanting to see the Avengers movie.

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