Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cataclysm A-Plenty

Well MMO Champion has just posted up a plethora of Cataclysm info and all I can say is wow!
Here's the link There is some really amazing stuff here you just have to see for yourself. Hundreds of photos, some new talents, new spells, maps and more.
Really there are few words to describe this all, its just stunning and now I really am looking forward to the next expansion more than ever.
I really cant believe how much they are changing in Stormwind and Orgrimmar most of all. Stormwind is now huge with new areas for Shaman, a graveyard complete with lake, SI7 get a new more and most of all the revamp to the keep is just epic.
Orgrimmar is so different you barley recognise it all dark and spiky its insane.
As for the other pics Nordrassil is massive, Hyjal is beautiful and Azshara is completely changed heck it has a golf course heated pool and a Junon(FF7) scale cannon now.

All in all this is some amazing stuff for just the first week of Alpha, I really can't wait for what the near future will bring this is just going to get crazy over the coming months.

EDIT: Even more has now gone up with pictures of many zones and instances. There really is to much to review here without making a very long post so go look yourselves. Do however look to the picture of "Masters Glaive" in Darkshore. Thats one heck of an Old God Skeleton.

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