Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekendend Wrap Up

So this weekend started looking promising with 24 online including trials for 25man, we didn't even have to pug the spot in trade having a previous pug contact us looking for an open spot. The raid went mostly as normal with the exception of picking up

its taken along time but every run we would surely get both hunters hit with spikes at the same time just as they stand apart, finally we had a run where no hunter was ever targeted. When we reached the Upper Spire and decided to do the Blood wing first to try for that Blood Queen kill finally. We quickly dispatched of Council as usual and then it all went south. Really the best word to describe it was "Messy" there was fire everywhere and people getting Mind Controlled and raiders with Dark Pact not moving to the center. Every attempt we got better at fire and the Blood Bolts but everything else just got worse and worse. Its truly painful to watch people who have the Kingslayer title dieing because someone else wont stop casting to run to the center. The night finished with Festergut, Rotface and disappointment.
The following night shared the same fate for half the guild. With only 20 on for night two we spilt into 10mans and with the help of offspecs two pug healers and an alt tank we took two teams into 10man for the first time in months. We hoped to down several hardmodes that night as well. I finally see what people have been saying about those Hardmodes being such a step up, it was nice to be challenged on Marrowgarr. For me it was a nice challenge for others in my team it proved impossible and we downed him on normal and set the pace for the whole night. Gunship Hardmode took two trys with a wipe due to Axe throwers hitting 3, yes that's max level. Deathbringer proved to much with only 2 ranged and even normal Putricide was asking to much from the team. It was odd at first glance the team looked solid but by the end of the night my officer, 3/4 through a bottle of Jager was still out performing some of these guys.
Finally with Sunday being mothers day I wasn't able to make it online after dinner, but that wouldn't matter as half my team couldn't come back. The other team however seemed to do much better.

The positive to this all is were closer to where we need to be numbers wise now we just need to thin out those that can't dance and we should be away.

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