Sunday, May 2, 2010

And So the King Falls

With Saturday being a disappointing day off due to lack of raiders again our next raid was Sunday with our 10man heading into ICC again to work on the Lich King.
We were feeling rather confident that finally with phase 2 almost worked out and the 15% buff up we could get him this week.
Our fist few attempts were working the rust off after not having been in last week due to lag issues from one of our healers. We were mostly dieing to defiles with the occasional silly death to Spirits in transition thrown in. But every attempt it came back to us and we pushed back deeper into phase 2. Then we we had the best run yet of the night we were only one down and were closing the 40% mark, so I used this time to quickly explain phase 3 as we had yet to cover it. Well everyone listened to me which while its good to know you hold your guilds attention even in fight, we were all so focused on my explanation we missed Defile and wiped at 41%.
We tryed again and this time knowing phase 3 before hand we pushed over 40% and into transition 2. It was messy and we lost a few to Pain and Suffering as well as the Spirits but were finally into phase 3. People started dieing left and right, we had Defiles down right and people were making it into Frostmorne but the Vile Spirits were killing at least one person every time they came down. We cleared out the Raging Spirits from transition and were down to me, my co-tank, one DPS and two healers and at 43% our Lock died. We kept at him, surviving Defiles and Vile Spirits pushing him lower and lower. Hearts racing as he passed the 42% mark and came closer to 41% with both healers running OOM. I switch to JoW and LoH a healer for mana, then in a flash it all goes. One healer is pulled into the sword and the other 3 of us are gone in seconds, it was a wipe at 40.6%.
We knew we had it though so with hearts still pounding in our chests and adrenaline in our veins we went again. This time all DPS would be on the King, having survived the Vile Spirits with no DPS up we knew that as long as we spread out we wouldn't need to kill them.
After summoning our Resto Druid out of Frostmorne we proceeded into a nice phase 2 wipe with a melee DCing right in the middle of the platform then being targeted by Defile.
With everyone back online we went again, this time there were no DC's. This time everything we had learned over the last few week, every hour we had put into this fight came together beautifully. Phase one went down like the rest nice and clean, the a tidy transition with adds dieing quickly. We hit phase 2 and people performed at that level I knew the guild could reach, Val'kyr died quick and Defiles were dropped nicely without me having to call for warning at time. We stuck a clean transition two and went into the final phase in full force, feeling the buzz and doing great.We lost one melee to Viles exploding but he was quickly back up on BRez. It was a weird thing the 40-25% bracket took forever then in the blink of an eye Arthus dropped us all and cheers went out, the King was dead.

We watched the well welcomed role play and then were back on our feet for the final stretch and it felt so good to just pop it all and go to town the Arthus for all we've seen him do since Warcraft III. Justice had come at last.

It was done finally over, we watched our cinematic, collected our loot and took our Screenshots. Just like that we were Kingslayer's, 12th on our relm to do so in 10man.

Now we can relax our 10mans a little and get those that had to sit on the sides patiently this whole time back in with us, work on some hard modes and get the others their titles.
Hopefully Ill have some video links up shortly with our close wipe and the kill.

Id once again like to thank publicly those that were with me for the kill for their hard work and dedication and pulling through when I knew they could. Also I'd like to thank those who had to sit on the sides feeling a little neglected, for all the pugging they did when only 15 were online and putting up with us.
Thank you all.

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