Friday, April 30, 2010

Stars and Orbs

So we started this week by heading back into Ulduar 10 for another crack at Alaglon. Unlike last week we had the advantage of knowledge of the fight and a Shaman for Heroism. Much like last week we had a few wipes to Cosmic Smash, Black Holes and one weird miss pull. However after 35min inside everything clicked and and we had a near perfect fight and up popped

Then Friday we headed back to ICC25 with the 15% buff behind us praying for some real progress, and ended up short 7 people. After 30min in trade chat and several pugs later we started clearing our way though ICC. With the 15% the only fight that gave us any trouble was the Frozen Rotting Giant for the weekly raid. We quickly dispatched Deathbringer and I picked up a token towards my 4 piece for Hardmodes. We finished the night one shotting both Fester and Rotface and a 3 shot on Blood Prince's. The Princes proved a little difficult with many of the pugs having not killed them before. The first two attempts were awful with people being hit and killed by almost everything they shouldn't do, but they got the hang of it on attempt 3 and we downed them again also earning us

I finished Friday off with a quick trip to Maly for the weekly and another achieve

Tomorrow its back to ICC for Blood Queen if all goes well.

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