Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Progression

Well I'm now back from holiday and slowly getting back into the swing of things.
It seems that despite the issue we had while I was on holiday the guild managed to do some progression with one 10man team clearing out Putricide and Dreamwalker in the same weekend.
So Friday has come around and being Easter there were only 11 people online with my partner offline not feeling well. So we decided to skip the 25ICC rather than pugging 15 and head to 10mans to try from more progression.
We quickly cleared out the first 4 bosses with the new 10% buff making them very easy and headed into Plague wing. Taking out Fester and Rotface we quickly moved to Putricide who had only been downed once and I personally had only one attempt under my belt where I had failed miserably at eating slime. We settled on the stationary strat and made the pull, right off the bat I was behind on slime having not realised I have to be dead centre while they are still small. Then the first Slime came and down went a DPS. We brought him up and things seemed to continue smoothly until late phase 2 where my delay in slime control started to catch up to me, big pools were popping up all over and more people were falling to the green slime. It was a wipe going into phase 3.
On the second attempt I got onto the centre of the slime pools and had them well under control, and with a positioning adjustment from Rhet my co-tank the slimes were now also under control. With these issues fixed and me now helping DPS as an Abom we pushed cleanly into phase 3 with no deaths, then as his health was almost finished people started to drop to goo and slime pools. Almost dead and with half the raid gone Putricide fell for the guild second and my first

Next we moved to the Blood wing and after a few wipes due to silly mistakes meet the Council.
Our first attempt did not go well with the early lose of our ranged tank we wiped at 55%.
Our second attempt following putricide went a lot smoother with everyone acing their jobs, and then again as to follow the trend at 12% the range tank dies. I pick up Kale but shortly after my co-tank dies and I have to pick up Taldram as well. Our healers really picked up the ball then with me tanking through Valanar and Taldrams enrages from 11% to 0 without popping Bubble Wall.
Then the progression, Blood Queen. Even with forgetting to remind people about the link the first attempt almost went well except the only person to die was out first vampire and she never re-bite anyone once he was dead so despite our best efforts we died at 30% on the enrage.
Once again attempt 2 was the one to click with all vampires biting their targets and each Air phase going off flawlessly.

We finished the night by one shotting Dreamwalker and getting me my first glimpse at the Queen Dragon herself. Hopefully tomorrow I will have an update about our progression kill in Sindragosa and hopefully the Lich King himself which would score us the 8th rank position in 10man on our server.

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