Monday, March 22, 2010

Holiday Update

Well Half my holidays almost over.
Mostly been a lot of fun, met quite a few of my current and past guildies.
Friday night we flew to the Gold Coast and had dinner at Dracula's which was an amazing night, my throats never been so soar from laughing and cheering.
Then Saturday was Dreamworld where once again our travel agent screwed us by giving us a regular pass instead of the Dreamworld/White Water World open gate pass like we wanted. Defiantly not going back to him, hopefully will get some compensation or something.
On the guild front it seems things don't run smoothly when I'm not there. Got a message from a guildie to check forums because one of our officers left the guild, turns out some guildies had a go at him for reasons that are ether unjustified or don't accurately represent his guild contributions.
Although now I'm back online I can sort it out and remove the offenders and reinstate him to guild.
One more week to go still missing raiding but not having to work makes up for it.
Now that I'm back in Sydney I will have regular access to the Internet so can post a little more and maybe even raid a little this weekend.

On a side note anyone in Sydney hope to see you at the Zombie march on Saturday.

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