Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cold night in April

Back into ICC10 tonight, two hours later

Took quite a while from the group to master both the Blistering Cold and the phase 3 Ice tombs.
We had a few close calls with a 10% wipe down a healer and later a 4% wipe with some poor Tomb management. Finally though after several hours of trying It all clicked and Sindragosa went down. Now I leave to attempt the Lich King himself.


Richard said...

Congrats on the achievement & good luck against the Lich King.

I wanted to email this to you because the reply might not be something you want to share publicly. I'd like to hear more about why you chose paladin & what made draenei appealing to you. More about the motivations for raiding, and your dedication to killing the Lich King.

The "whats" are great, but the "whys" really draw me in. :)

Orthien said...

Theres already some of that information in my intial posts back when I started the blog but I can certinly put up some "why" kind of posts during the week