Friday, April 9, 2010

Bad Moon Rising

And I see trouble is on its way. At least that how tonight's raid went. Starting the night with 16 people on including some trials we trundled off to the raid weekly with the usual drama of people wanting to be their alts despite being told bring your mains in the previous weeks.
After 2 wipes on Noth the 12 that weren't saved finally downed him and we moved to ICC25 and pulling in pugs. Then it just go worse, with 6 pugs in the run consisting of obscure friends and trade chat members we continued to wipe 3 time on the trash to Marrowgarr. When we finally get to him we lose a trial healer to lag and replace then with a late coming guildie. The next four bosses were plagued with loot issues poor awareness bugs and the realisation at Deathbringer that some idiot had turned off our 10% buff with no way to turn it back on.
A messy Deathbringer, a new raider and a trash pull we almost didn't survive saw us on the stair to Festergut and Rotface. With the two as or raid weekly an old GM of mine from back in the days of Kara taught us how to abuse the weekly and claim badges without killing ether boss. You simple have Locks with their portal out of the room, druids or rouges with stealth or hunter with feign take both Rotfaces SlimeSpray and Festerguts Spores then leave combat and have the rest quickly die and bingo badges. Having these we went back for the Fester kill which with in-attentive pugs and no buff turned out to be 3-10% to much for us and the raid was called due to people having to leave after two wipes. I see little hope for the run tomorrow unless we get more guildies showing up and even then we wont be going for Bloodqueen without the Buff.

Then to add to the fun my partner has decided to take a break from WoW indefinitely, possibly to return in Catacysm. So with her spot empty I would like to welcome Mcveigh to the board of Officers.

Sunday will be back to ICC10 to extend the lockout and work on the Lich King after almost getting phase 1 down last week, hopefully this will go better than our 25 mans.

As for the guild there seem to be a lot of immaturity going around and less and less focus being put into raid, If anyone has some handy ideas on how to keep guildies in line and happy while everything is falling apart please feel free to comment I'd love to hear them.

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