Saturday, April 10, 2010

And Still the Sun Rises

Well back into ICC25 tonight and again were pugging people thankfully it was only 5 this time.
We step through the door to find the 10% buff has reset with the soft reset so already things are looking brighter. We make quick work of the trash into Plague wing and quickly start the night on Festergut. It starts well up until the first tank swap where moments before the taunt Rhetor my co-tank dies and Fester one shots Mcveigh, but we quickly recover and with the addition of more guildies and the 10% buff Fester hits the floor in record time.
Next stop was Rotface who not only is guild progression but several pugs had never done him before. So we do the usual quick explain and in we go, and boy did it get messy quick. People were falling all over the place, small ooze were in the raid and we used all 4 BRez. However despite the mess we kept hanging on, people dieing still and yet Rotface's health kept falling. Then at 3% down goes Rhet to a freak ooze attack and Rotface runs about killing. I rush in from the back of the room taunt and move him back to the center. Watching as his health drops point by point and with half a dozen oozes around the room and 15 people dead he dies. A one shot on Rotface, it was messy but still a one shot.
We then move to the Blood wing to try for Princes. Again another fight the pugs didn't know so after a quick break for the movie we started clearing trash, turns out that even with the additional MOBs the 25man trash causes us less issue than 10man. With trash gone we give a quick recap and pull princes. It went almost flawlessly with very few deaths and those that died were Rez'z and their rolls covered.
With the raid on a roll and time running low we shot quickly upstairs for the Blood Queen herself. We put out a few strong attempts on her with our best reaching the 60% mark with only four people bitten. In the end I'm very proud of our guild after the terror that was last night they bounced back beautifully to claim two progression bosses. On top of the progression one of the pugs, in fact the only one from trade that night turned out to be a mage who was just returning from break and despite being "rusty" still out DPS'd Boxoflunch one of my officers and our guilds best DPS. He will be joining our ranks and raiding with Lifé from now on.
Tomorrow we head back to Arthus in 10man and with strong 25man progression backing us we hope to see well into phase 2, if not his fall.

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