Sunday, March 7, 2010

Guild Update

Well its been along time since my last update and theres not really much to report.
Less and less people show up to raids everyweek and as runs get canceled or we pug more and more people peoples moral shrinks. The drama is just rising and rising and myself and my officers are just getting sick of it. At this point the future is looking bleak, there is only so much we can do for them and in the end its up to the guild as a whole to want it, and I don't think many of them do.
For the mean time progression has stalled and tension is high for it.
Though next week me and my partner will be off to australia for two weeks and in that time alot of things could go wrong in that time.
But the holiday will be nice, a vacation from work and Guild Leading will be welcomed. Because of this posting will be light for a while, but I do have some good ideas for new content for the blog when I get back.

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