Friday, March 12, 2010

Finaly Dedication

This week has gone amazingly better than before.
Friday was again a flop on ToGC but we had enough this time to send two groups into ICC10 and clear some bosses in there.
Then come Sunday we had 24 people show for ICC25 with two trials including a very geared DK tank. After the 25th Pug went offline in Deathwhisper a missing healer logged on a little late and was able to fill the spot for the 1st full guild run in a few months.
We proceeded to clear through the first four bosses without issue and then came time for progression.
We decided we had the DPS for Festergut and cleared to him first. After a few DC issues were sorted we went in and watched as the guild worked perfectly together. Then with a minute left on the timer we past the previous mark, he was dropping and we were on target. With 25 seconds left on the clock Festers stinky backside hit the floor and the first new boss was down.
On to Rotface and we were confidant, a quick rundown for the few who had yet to see him and we went in. The run went well bar a few first time mistakes but in the end bad luck caught us when the Fester tank was nuked by four slime bombs at once at 10%. Then with a few people haveing to leave we went back in. The second attempt was anything but perfect with slimes in raid and people all over the place but they held it well with a second wipe at 10% again this time half the raid dead when i went down.
It seems the promise of no more ToGC nights and no longer missing raids finally got a fire under them. So TOGC worked just not in the way i wanted, rather than teach them the skills they needed it made them find the skills out of hate.
I can't argue with results though.
Next week sadly I'll be in Australia and having dinner at Dracula's so cant raid 25man. Hopefully they can progress without me though and get Rotface down.

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