Saturday, February 27, 2010

When it rains, it pours.

Saturdays raid started like all the others do latly, done a few people and pugging.
We finially got in and started clearing and right away we had some people leaveing for different reasons. By the time we got to Marrowgarr the 2 pugs had turned into 6 total.
After a quick 2 shot of Marrowgarr what should drop but those legs
Ive been waiting 9 weeks for. Well as Murphys Law would have it the pug that was brought in without having our loot rules explained rolls and wins them. Well im pissed but he was not told that his roll would be based from our loot window and therefor they had to go to him.
The run continued on a bad note as we took 3 attempts to down Deathwhisper.
Then things started looking up. Gunship went flawlessly, then Deathbringer Died with not one but two Paladin tokens. Going to myself and another pally for my 2 peice 10.25. Then followed that by the tank that won the legs giving them to me lack of gold to enchant and gem/assumed I tank more. I was very happy with that was very kind of him and he didn't need to do it. We finished the night by almost downing Festergut but not quite having the DPS to do so. Then it was a quick Hearth back to Dalaran for my Cataclysmic Chestguard and to gem and enchant my now 3 upgrades.
Now I'm just waiting on Gunship10 to drop its shield to get me out of 232 gear completly.

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