Monday, February 22, 2010

No news is bad news

Well Ulduar didn't go anywhere last night. We spend several hours wiping on One Light and only progressed alittle further into the encounter. Sadly me and my officers know one of the issues is the OTs ret gear and his GMs low DPS. But both these guys are good mates of almost everyone there and set the event up so we cant remove them and just have to work our way through it.
Again another week of Molten Core and again Garr holds his Binding still, I'm starting to worry that he wont give it up before Catacysm.
The one plus side is one of my friends on our better healers has returned after a week and a half M.I.A.. Turned out his internet company really screwed him over with a simple two day line upgrade taking him offline for the whole 10days.

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