Sunday, February 21, 2010

To much slime and out of time.

So last night went very well in terms of attendance. We had 22 people show up for 10mans and 2 of them gave up their spots with no fuss. My plan change for the internet even went through so me and my partner could raid with out lag stalls.

The two team went in on time and ran almost side by side the whole way through. Ofcause my bad luck with loot continued as Marrowsgarrs mace dropped for the second week in a row. Then Gunship continued to hand over its shield, which it happily have up for off-spec to the other team.
We were kept on our toes on Deathwhisper by one of our DPS Warriors who for an unstated reason ran into the Lady herself as we were doing the final trash, we never really caught up on that and just ended up killing her with a re-animated Adherant left alive. The extra add didn't change much and now I think we could try the achieve next week.

After downing Deathbringer we jumped through Frogger 2.0 to find the weekly raid was Plague Wing same as last week. Not feeling to confidant after only having downed Rotface for the first time the previous week we headed over to try anyway. The first atempt we wiped at a plesent 20% after having the worse luck I have seen, getting a string of all slime pools infront of my kite path and repeated instances of two healers having the de-buff at once. Attempt number two was a clean kill putting us ahead of the other group. After a quick knockout of Festergut we handed in the weekly before desiding to go and see the Putricide for a quick look before calling it.

After a quick explanation of phase one we went in. I was to become the Abomination and not having done the encounter before soon had us over run with slime. Dispite that we managed to get him through to 74% and phase 2 before dieing. Was rather happy with the group for that.

After that I desided to get a group up for one last attempt at the new bosses in SFK, despite the event over on our server it would still run in the instances for a while longer. Not much longer it seemed as we entered the instance at 12:22 AM just missing the reset and the bosses.

Tomorrow Ulduar Hardmodes and hopefully "One Light in the Darkness" and my Drake.

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