Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Path to 85

Cataclysm has been out for nearly a week now and while I should have written something about it sooner I have to be honest and say that every last bit of my free time as been spent in Azeroth leaving no time to blog.

Fade back to 10am Tuesday (1pm on Monday PST) and I am sitting at work hardly focusing knowing what tonight brings. We wont be having a midnight release as the servers come up at 9pm our time but I am obviously excited none the less. Just the day before however I find from my local EB Games that there is some "situation" with Cataclysm but no one knows what it is until I get a message to my phone from EB. The message basically reads that due to one EB selling Cataclysm early, all EB's can sell it early starting immediately.
All focus I had left is gone right out the window as I now wait until Lunch time so I can drive across town to pick it up.
12 comes around and that is exactly what I do, it takes my entire hour break to do it but I now have two Cataclysm Collectors Editions sitting under my desk. The next 4 hours were painful but somehow I got through and the it was home free.

Since I had already had the Cata pre download run I simply had to upgrade my account and I was ready to go.
The first thing I did when I logged in was collect my Lil' Deathwing

Then it was a waiting game for 9pm and the message to log out for Cata.
When the message finally came the authentication servers were so heavy hit that I keep DCing for the next 15min. Once I was finally in my first step was to buy Azeroth flying.

From there it was off to Hyjal and an introduction to that gank fest that was leveling.
After 30min of questing and 1 hour of being dead I finally got my first look at the big baddy Deathwing himself.

Boy is that sucker huge.
From there I continued to quest and get swarmed by horde for the next 16 hours. I took a break to do some mining and after six stacks of Obsidian realized that I had not trained my new level of mining and had wasted all that ore.

On the topic of leveling on a PvP server, this was my first ever time leveling on a PvP server and boy was it crazy. The entrance to Hyjal was white with bones.
The census sites put us at a 2:1 Horde to Ally ratio but looking at the numbers visible its more like 5:1.
Several times I would get jumped by a solo Horde member and every time I would beat then down until they ether got 2-7 more friends or ran away into a group of leveling Horde who would lend them a hand.
It still continues like this now at 85 while doing daily where I will be jumped by ether one Horde win then have him return with friends or 2-5 of them jump you all at once and always when your already fighting. This proves that we have the better PvP's and is shown by our constant domination of Tol Barad.

As I finished up my leveling in Hyjal I got to see a wonderful site of the long lost Jarod Shadowsong and the great Cenarius.

From there is was off to Deepholme through the Maelstrom.

I love questing in Deepholme, as great as Hyjal for lore was the quality of quest in Deepholme is just so much better and more enjoyable.
Your character gets a lot more involved for example this guy

who literally grabs you by the face. Least he get what he deserved.

Once I was 83 and my quests were up to date with Therazane I was off to the beautiful Uldum.

The quests here are in my opinion the best in the game, funny, engaging and very diverse.
Among the plethora of NPC you quest for you spend a lot of time working with Harrison Jones seen in this archive file photo.

and work to recreate the better parts of any movie that his name sake is from.

While questing in Uldum you will find possible the greatest quest ever made if you are like most people and hate Gnomes.

What we have here is basically a big ball of fire that you use to run down very large numbers of screaming Gnomes. If this was a daily I think it would win hands down, instead best quest has to go to the daily "Thieving little Puckers" that involves smashing very funny sounding pygmy's with a very big hammer.

After I had dinged 84 and found out that the bug's stopping you from leveling in Twilight Highlands were fixed I popped over there for a bit just to see what it was like. Before I could go I had to help out Varian by escorting Anduin around on some duty's.
After a brief introduction I was met by this very moving piece of dialog.

That was quickly followed with a great 24 reference.

While questing I leveled my Jewelcrafting up to 475 to unlock the new daily's and in doing so unlocked new world drops and the ability to finish a quest for this lovely little tanking trinket with a not to shabby 421 stamina on it.

I finished my leveling off in Vash'jir to raise my Earthing ring rep for the Helm enchant. I had not spent much time there before I dinged but I was not thrilled by the whole being underwater thing.

I went and picked up my GoAK

and it was then off to run my first Heroics which were BRC and HoO. I have to say after how easy the normal instances were while leveling the Heroics are a very welcomed challenge. If the Heroics are this hard I can not wait to see the raid content, but what I have seen if filling me with hope for the perfect level of content.
Also HoO has one of the coolest bosses ever, he is a Flame Marrowgar that you fight on Camels what more do I need to say bar.

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