Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Frostwyrm Dies, A Frostwyrm Born

This weeks raiding was dedicated to one thing, killing Sindragossa's Hard mode and claiming our Frostwyrm mounts.

Our original plan was to extend the lockout and down her on Wednesday due to our Ret Pally/ Temporary Co-Tank only being available that day. However due to having to PuG a spot with a particularly bad Ret Pally coupled with our lack of practice on the fight, we did not make that goal. We did not give up easy though, the team did a great job of working well over time in an effort to get her down that night.

Thursday we came back this time with two PuG's but by the time we got them we were a solid 45 minutes into our time before we truly started. The little time we had was spent working on getting phase 3 under wraps, however we just did not have the time to bring her down.

We skipped raiding on Friday due to multiple people not being able to make it and came back early on Saturday.
None of our PuG's showed up despite having accepted the calender invite, luckily though we finally had more members free and were able to fill a full 10man with our own raiders.
This time we were confidant that we would have here. We had the skill, the practice and the time to put into it.
Every attempt got better and better but despite getting consistently to phase 3 we would always wipe because of something stupid be it and important member stepping to far round and Iceblock (guilty), to much damage being taken (guilty of not popping CD's) or various other little things.
At one point we had a run that while filled with mistakes made it to a sub 5% wipe, we were really close and just needed to tighten it up a bit.
Then we had an attempt where we his phase 3 perfectly and although we lost a few things were going strong. Then on the tank transition we lost my Co-Tank for the night, things got a little dicey from there losing another DPS.
We were 2 down and I had no tank to taunt from me as my stacks continued to rise. We kept pushing forward as we past the 10% mark and I used nearly every tool I had to keep myself up, Glyphed Divine Protection, Ardent Defender, Talented WoG and LoH all got used at least once to keep my up through the breaths.
At the 5% mark before the next Iceblock dropped I called for a burn and watched as her health dropped and the next Frostbreath approached. I had not CD's left and the next Breath would likely kill me but before she could breath.

We had finally brushed off the cobwebs of the last 6 months and claimed the Achievement we should of had a long time ago.

Before the night was out we went and finished H Blood Princes for another members Frostwyrm. Sadly I had assumed that my partner had done H Valithria and that we could finish her Frostwyrm Achievement off with the Council and Festergut, with Valithria already down she was unable to get her mount with us.

We all collected out mounts from the mail

and head to the unphased air space just out of Dalaran for a guild mount shot.

We finally have our mounts, just before Cata I could not be more relieved to have that over with.
Big thanks goes out to not just those that were there on Saturday but also to all the other guildies that have helped out and do not have their mounts, to the handful of PuG's we have used and to my Partner and Real Life friend who both went offspecs in Resto and Prot respectively to help us down Sindy.

On a side note, final Molten Core run of WotLK gone and still no Binding from Garr.

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