Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And the Title to Back it Up.

This post has been a long time coming now, not just because I have not been posting much but also because I have been working on it for many many months now.

Before I get into that lets run down whats been happening in game lately.
Currently our guild is not moving in its Hardmode attempts for Putricide and Sindy due to many players away on holiday and taking breaks from WoW. Mostly we have been filling the time by running BG's, doing Arena and PUGing 25mans. Most 25man's have been quite fail with the one I went on falling apart on Putricide, the sad part was that we almost one shot him but failed due to a useless tank.
Picture this, a T9 and relative geared Warrior that at times held his own in threat against me,I seemed a little low and surly he should not be able to pull that in his gear as he seemed to have no clue.
On Stinky he failed to taunt despite multiple calls on vent from myself and the RL, I managed to bubble with a 10 stack at 200 health yes 200!!!.
From there I started watching him and it just got worse. It wasn't till Festergut that I realized he had been vigilancing me right from the start. When I asked him why his reason was "So I can get free taunts." He refused to stop when asked to. While this might hold up on trash all it was doing for boss fights was limiting my threat and therefor the damage of our DPS. Needless to say I clicked it off every time I saw it on me.
It was an interesting Festergut where I had to hold back on damage because an un Righteous Furyed me with 9 stacks was about to pull off a Defensive Stance him at 7 stacks. He also completely panicked when I did not taunt off him at 8 stacks of the debuff.
Then we were off to Purticide where the third tank took the Abom as RL's friend and I thankfully was given MT duty, the Warrior was only required to hit things yet still managed to get a few killed by screwing up then targeted by the Ooze. Despite a few death we had everyone Brezed and up for phase 3. I started kite at 2 stacks I waited half a second for the taunt the called out on vent, no reply. After a few more calls for a taunt aimed directly at the Warrior the third tank steps in and picks him up moments before the next stack. When that tank hit 2 stacks the taunt was called and nothing happened, I took him from the third knowing I was more geared to handle it but the next stack was coming, thankfully the Warrior taunted before then. After his taunt he proceeded to stop kiting, he stood dead smack in the middle of the slime pool. The third tank, a few healers and myself were all yelling at him "Move the Boss" "Get out of the slime" but it was two late we had lost or DPS and it was a wipe at 2%. From that point on everyone just lost interest and attempts go worse and worse, we called it a night after we knocked out a quick Valithria just a few minutes before the instance server reset.
One good thing did come from that run, I finally got this.

With most of my time spent now in PvP I have once again built a decent PvP set(after deleting my last one because I thought I would never use it).
I joined an 3v3 Arena team with my partner and a hunter from guild and together we hit the 900 mark. Since then the hunter has left and been replaced with another Officer from guild, a DK who is quite good at PvP. With this team of Unholy DK, Prot Pally and Resto Shammy we have worked up to almost 1300 and having alot of fun doing it.
Of cause to go with Arena I have also been doing a lot of BG's netting me all these shiny new Achievements.

Finally I got back to finishing something I started a long time ago, Loremaster.
Originally I worked for quite a while on it and upon reaching 50 quests to go I took a break, I mean hey I had 6+ months till Cataclysm right. when realizing that Cataclysm was approaching fast and I was almost out of time I got back into the grind. Knocking out Kalimdor's last quests was not an easy task, particularly for someone still hated with the Goblins after Bloodsail Rep farming. The first 30 were relatively easy just going place to place picking up available quests.
The next 15 were a little harder, I had to download Everyquest and backtrack through zones finding quests that I had missed.

One particular quest came from my starter zone in Azuremyst Isle. Those that have leveled there will know it, those that don't here is some back story. You are sent to find and help a Night Elf fisherman on a small Island to the south. When you get there you find him alone crying on a wharf and his home has been destroyed by falling pieces of the Exodar as it crashed, to make matters worse the shards have driven the local Owlbeasts crazed and they have eaten his family. He gives you the gruesome task of killing the beasts and pulling his family's remains from their stomachs. That is where I thought the story ended for this poor elf. Little did I know that once that quest is completed a new quest appears to the far north, having always Hearthed or swam back I had always missed it and so had everyone I knew. Hidden behind a log to the opposite side of the Island was this mans Daughter, she had escaped from the Beasts when they attacked and ate her mother. You escort her back across the Island killing Owlbeasts as you go until finally after 3 long years(since I was there) she is returned to her father. It was beautiful to see such a sad story from my gaming past finally have a happy ending.

So now I had met a Titan Avatar,

had feasts in my honor,

helped the Gnomes in recovering their home city,

Collected all my AQ mounts

and saved a mans heart and Daughter.

The final grind was on for the last 3 quests. It would of been easier if the Goblins didn't hate me as I had at least 50 I could have done for them. Instead I choose to grind out Neutral with the Brood of Norzdomu and start the Scepter of the Shifting Sands line.
It took a lot of grinding to get there over the weekend but I was finally Neutral

and off to see a Dragon about a ring and some lore.

Then with the story told of the sealing of AQ and the creation of the Scepter I was done.

Finally a Loremaster.

With Loremaster done I only have one more thing on my list I would like to finish before Cataclysm and that is finish Thunderfury. When will you drop my Binding Garr:( .More than 70 runs under my belt for that thing, statistically I'm well past the 80% chance it should have dropped by now . I guess he just does not like me, or anyone, there are 4 others in my guild waiting for that drop alone not including Rhidach and others in the tanking com unity.

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