Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Positives of Opposites

Its been well over a week since my last post and really its because I have just been to lazy to finish this one off, its been sitting in drafts since monday. The main reason for this is that the WotLK expansion is coming to its end, Cataclysm is still months away and like many my play time has started to drop a little. Most of my time has been spent on alts or raiding.

This weekends raids were rather uneventful, I missed Saturdays raid due to having people over for drinks and some playstation. We did recruit a new raid member on Friday and put some work into Putricide Hard mode, bud did not down him.

The majority of my time has been spent leveling my Priest to 65.
Me and my partner started a Paladin and Priest together many months ago as something to do together that was unrelated to the stress of guild and raiding. She went Ret and I went shadow, and we leveled that way through the starter zones mostly questing with a few instances to break sometimes.
Around STV we were starting to get sick of doing the same quests over and over so decided to level in LFD, which as you can imagine did not go well for two DPS.
From that point on we both respected and she started tanking while I healed.
The important part to all this has been playing a healing for 90% of my leveling since then. As a tank I have always thought and kept a close eye on my healer be it in a 5man or raid, without them nothing I do would be possible.
While I felt close to and had compassion for healers and their mana I have never really understood them or what is is to really be them.

From my experiences I believe that all Tanks and Healers should level an alt of the opposing type. Leveling as a healer has greatly improved my understanding of not just what it is that healers have to do but how they do it and the crap they go through in any given run. Its that sort of deeper understanding and connections that helps for find strange ways to solve issues and overcome obstacles that would otherwise have stopped you dead on the floor.

I really am looking forward to getting her up to 80 and running a few raids with her, I want to get an idea of what healing in that environment is like before Cataclysm so I have the experience under my belt for the next level of raiding.

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