Saturday, July 31, 2010

Build of Block and Shields

With the latest build there has been some reworking of the Mastery bonus's and of cause some more blue posts.
For Paladins we get;
Protection - Increases your chance to block melee attacks by 16%. Block chance increased further by mastery rating.

Where as warriors get;
Protection - Increases your chance to block by 10% and your chance to critically block by 10%. Chances increased further by mastery rating.

So while we block more often they block for larger amounts, but im not quite sure that our small extra % block makes up for their increased block and critical block. I would have expected their chance to block bonus to be a little lower but we will have to see how this goes live.

As for blue posts our friend SHoR might not be done for after all.
We'd also like to find a way to bring Shield of Righteousness back, but only if we can find an actual niche for it -- not just "here's another attack." Something like it consuming Holy Power but refreshing Holy Shield.
Im quite in favor of this idea, it lets us keep our vital HS up full time while giving us something to use HoPo on thats not directly HS. Hopefully this with the boost to HS duration will be enough to give us that breathing room we need for missed attacks or even another HoPo dump.
Also they had this to say on warriors
Currently we are looking really hard at AE damage abilities by all tanks. We tried Thunder Clap with no cooldown and didn't like it. We also tried Thunder Clap with a Consecrate-like talent, but I'm not sure we like that either. At the moment we are thinking of nerfing any of the really passive AEs, including Swipe, Death and Decay, Damage Shield and Consecrate. All of those abilities (well, maybe not Damage Shield) would still be usable, but they would be more situational.
Im quite glad that warriors are not keeping their concercration, it is our own unique spell and they have more than enough AoE with TC, SW and the new AoE Rend.
Seems that AoE is still up in the air for Cataclysm and will need alot more work before 4.0.

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