Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend recap

Another bad week for 25mans with the first 4 down quick on Fri dispite bringing in 4 pug, then falling flat on its face Sat when 20 people showed up and the run had to be called. Alot of people are starting to get frustrated at the lack of progression and not raiding for lack of members really isn't helping.
Sunday rolled round and again lack of players had us running only one team with the rest left to pug. Then the night started to look up alittle knocked out Marrowgarr who after giving my lead heals Master Looter proved that he really didn't like me and finally handed over my mace. Then after our Deathbringer kill we found our daily was for Festergut and Rotface. So off we went after Rotface for progression and emblems, then after wiping twice for bad server lag and 3 other wipes Rotface finally fell in 10man. We had the debuff and a progression kill all we needed was a quick easy Festergut and 5 EoF would be ours.
Then an unlucky crit streek saw both tanks on one stack of debuff, we carryed on but when it came time for the second tank transition both tanks still had 9stacks of the debuff and nether to fall off before the 10th Bloat went off. BANG! I explode half our melee and 2 of our heals down at 5%. But the remaining 5 players solo tanked and healed the remainder down for the kill.
We finished the night with a strong 2 attempts at Valithria getting her up to (96% odd with 1million health left to heal. Hoping for one quick knock on tuesday before reset to move us forward.
Next week were coming for you Putricide.

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