Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Return to Ulduar

Had an invite from a guildies friend to come to Ulduar 10 hardmodes last week. Started on Thursday with just some clearing and Bosses I had already done, then monday comes. We went in with our sights set on Mimiron the last watcher left up from Thurday.

Had a few interesting mistakes but every time we got one phase further than before, people keep on dieing to silly avoidable things but each attemp most lived alittle longer than the attempt before.

Then after 4 wipes on him we almost had him its late phase 4 and everythings below 15% bar the head still at 22%. The enrage is coming and most of us are dead, then we lose our last ranged and we realise were going to fall so short hitting the enrage at 10% or less on all parts.

Then attempt 5. Its messy but were doing it, we make phase 4 and everyone is still alive. Then it goes all wrong people start falling left and right. Were closer to the kill than ever before and we lose one of our 2 healers. Our melee are mostly dead all ranged are gone and the Bottom and Head are at 0% with 2% still on the middle. Then mear seconds before the other two parts come back to life...

Finally completed my Algalon key for 10man.
Next up General and One Light Yogg the last achieve I need for my drake. This should be interesting with half the group never having done those fights on normal modes.

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